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  1. Monica Anderson says:

    I really enjoyed the cover story on Gigi Bryanat. She’s an amazing woman with a lot of fortitude. Great photos and very engaging article. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dan Wiersema says:

    Cool new mag! Saw that this was in Austin in the Community Impact newspaper. Best of luck.

    With out sounds too self-promotional (which this will anyways.. why the hell not?) I’m the founder of the Austin-based Free Beer Movement which is a grassroots organization “Building American Soccer One Beer at a Time”. Basically soccer fans in the U.S. help grow the sport by inviting newbies to watch soccer, buy them beers, and educate them about soccer.

    We recently were awarded one of the 2011 Austin-American Statesman Texas Social Media awards and The Guardian (UK) named us one of the “100 Footy Blogs to Follow in 2011”. We’ve been featured in The Austin Chronicle,, and numerous other soccer media outlets.

    I started the FBM in 2009 when I moved to Austin and write and edit the site when I’m not teaching middle school social studies. The website features on what makes American soccer great, supporters groups, news, opinion, videos, and interviews with the sport’s best people and personalities. We also focus heavily on beer, of course, specifically the growing craft beer industry to help lure those soccer newbies with quality beer (including many from Austin).

    If you’re interested in learning more about the FBM and/or featuring it in ATX Man… as you can see I love to talk about it.

    Thanks for your time.