Gilbert Tuhabonye

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Gilbert Tuhabonye is the owner and founder of Gilbert’s Gazelles, a local training camp for runners looking to benefit from the state-of-the-art coaching techniques of a former NCAA All-American athlete. Proven time and time again to be one of Austin’s most effective running coaches, Tuhabonye is able to offer his students expert instruction, as well as an inspirational attitude shaped by a remarkable childhood spent in East Central Africa. Raised in the mountainous country of Burundi, Tuhabonye endured unimaginable hardships before ultimately making it to the United States to emerge as one the nation’s top athletes. Today, he uses his skills and experience to help runners meet whatever goals they may have, whether they are looking to run their first 5K or improve their marathon time. One of the most distinguishing aspects of Tuhabonye’s coaching technique is the special emphasis he places on form and biomechanics. Although his classes are conducted in a group setting, Tuhabonye and his team of coaches take time to focus on each runner, ensuring they run to the best of their abilities. “Our motto is Run with Joy,” Tuhabonye says, “and you cannot have joy when running is painful. The key is to focus on form.” Beyond coaching, Tuhabonye spearheads a campaign to bring clean water systems to Burundi with the Gazelle Foundation. Every year in October, thousands of people show up to take part in Run for the Water to raise money for the foundation, and so far, it’s been a great success. For more information on Gilbert’s Gazelles and the Gazelle Foundation, visit gilbertsgazelles.com.    

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